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Laura Elias, MA / The Pronunciation Coach

Laura Elias has been a language teacher for over 25 years. She received her Master's degree in Hispanic Linguistics in 1999, and her Master's degree in English as a Second Language in 2000, both from the University of Minnesota. She has taught in a variety of schools and programs including the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Century College, St. Thomas University, and North Central University.

Over the years, Ms. Elias has had the opportunity to work with students from a majority of the non-English speaking countries in the world, and she has taught language learners at every stage of language development from complete beginner to highly advanced. In the classroom, she enjoys working with students in all areas of language competence, but has always especially enjoyed working with students on improving pronunciation. She has even developed her own approaches to helping students learn clear pronunciation in both English and Spanish. 

As a language learner herself, Ms. Elias understands first-hand the process and experience of becoming proficient in a new language. This gives her the ability to relate to the difficulties that language learners encounter, which helps her coach, encourage, and inspire her students with greater sensitivity and awareness.


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