The Pronunciation Coach

The Pronunciation Coach, Laura Elias, does advanced training
in English pronunciation using a linguistic approach (not speech

therapy). This is important because English pronunciation is

closely linked to other aspects of the language, such as
grammar and spelling patterns, the historical development
of the language, cultural factors, and even the ability to
think in English.

A linguistic approach supports language development as
a whole, and this can help enhance overall confidence
with speaking English. All of the relevant linguistic factors
are ​taken into account!!

Pronunciation Analysis

A diagnostic analysis of your pronunciation!
1: You record your voice on my analysis website.
2: I listen and return the results to you by email.
3: We meet by video or face-to-face to talk about
the results and answer your questions.

In every analysis I listen for all of these aspects of pronunciation:

Consonants / Consonant clusters / Vowels / Syllables / Word Stress / Sentence Stress (rhythm) / Word endings / Reductions / Intonation and sentence focus /Phrasal Linking (liasons)

If you... 

  • are an independent learner
  • prefer to practice on your own
  • have high motivation and self-discipline to practice regularly

  Then, you may prefer less frequent sessions (perhaps twice a month) with

  more practice activities to work on at home between sessions.

  If you...

  • like to practice with a coach
  • prefer more regular feedback
  • need regular meetings to stay on track

  Then, you may prefer more frequent meetings with more focused
​  practice activities. 


Pronunciation Coaching

Pronunciation (accent-reduction) coaching customized to
​fit your needs and your goals.

  • One-on-one or group lessons
  • Online lessons (by skype or google hangouts, etc.)
  • 30-minute or 45-minute sessions
  • Meet just once or twice, or long-term training
  • Weekly, or even two to three times per week

Coaching sessions can also include work on other related aspects of the language.  This may include areas such as: spelling patterns / thinking in English / level of formality / cross-cultural awareness / fluency / strategies for handling miscommunication / etc.

Spanish Pronunciation ...for English Speakers
The services listed above are also available for native speakers of English who want to improve their
​pronunciation in Spanish.

  I will listen to your recordings to discover...

  • The top two or three aspects of your accent that are most critical for you to improve in order to speak more clearly in English.

  Then I will send you...

  • A brief written report (about 2 pages) that explains the aspects of your pronunciation that are the top priority for you to improve.
  • An audio file (mp3) in which I explain your results and record examples for you.
  • Suggestions for how to practice and improve, with a couple of practice exercises.

  Finally, we can schedule a 30-minute meeting to answer your questions!


  1. Fill in a form with information about yourself, your language ability and your experience with English.   Take me to the form!
  2. I will send you an email with instructions and a link to the analysis recording site.
  3. Record your voice. The analysis site has instructions and 4 topics to discuss -- you will record your voice on the site. 
  4. After I receive your recordings, I will complete the analysis within 4 to 5 days, and send you a preliminary summary and a PayPal email invoice so that you can make the payment. 
  5. Watch for your results! As soon as I receive your payment I will send your analysis results to you by email. 
  6. Conference. If you would like to ask me questions about your results, we can plan a time to talk, either face-to-face or by video (skype, google hangouts...)!

Begin now!

   Questions? Contact:


  I will listen to your recordings to discover...

  • Your overall strengths and weaknesses with spoken English.
  • Which features of your accent are the most problematic and most likely to
    cause misunderstandings or miscommunication.
  • Which of those areas is the most crucial for you to improve first.

  Then I will send you...

  • At least 4 pages of written feedback, that identify your top priorities for improvement.
  • An audio file (mp3) in which I explain your results, and record examples for
    you to practice with.
  • Copies of your original recordings (mp3).
  • Ideas and suggestions for how you can practice and improve.
  • Several practice exercises related to your top priorities.

  Finally, we can schedule a 45-minute meeting to discuss the results and answer
  your questions!


Full Analysis: $165 US  // Mini Analysis: $90